The Difference Between a Sorcerer and a Wizard in D&D 5e

difference between sorcerer and wizard 5e (2)

If you’re new to Dungeons and Dragons, you may wonder what the difference between a sorcerer and a wizard is. Both are spellcasting classes that use magical energy to cast spells, but they have some key differences. In this blog post, we’ll break down the difference between sorcerer and wizard 5e so you can decide which class is suitable for you.

1) Learning Spells:

The first key difference between sorcerers and wizards is the way they learn spells. Sorcerers rely on their inherent magical ability to cast spells, while wizards must study their spellbooks to prepare their spells each day. This means that sorcerers have a more limited number of known spells than wizards, but they can cast their spells more quickly and without preparation.

2) Way to get powers:

Another key difference is the way sorcerers and wizards get their magical power. Sorcerers get their power from either draconic bloodline or wild magic, while wizards get their power from studying forbidden lore or mastering the elements. This means that sorcerers tend to have more powerful spells than wizards, but they also run the risk of losing control of their magic.

3) Selection of spells:

Sorcerers and wizards also differ in the way they select their spells. Sorcerers select spells based on their emotional state, while wizards select them through careful planning and study. This means that sorcerers’ spellcasting is more unpredictable than wizards, but it also means that sorcerers have access to a broader range of spells.

4) Preparation of spells:

Another difference between these two classes is the way they prepare spells. Wizards prepare spells ahead of time by choosing which spells they want to have available to them during the day. They can change these preparations as needed, but it takes time to do so. Sorcerers do not prepare spells ahead of time. Instead, they simply know all of the spells that they are capable of casting. This means they can’t choose which spells to make available on any given day, but it also makes them much more flexible in combat situations.

5) Number of spells:

Finally, one more fundamental difference between sorcerers and wizards is the number of spells they can cast per day. Wizards are limited to a certain number of spell slots per day, based on their level. They can expend these spell slots to cast any wizard spell that they know. Sorcerers also have a limited number of spells daily, but they regain all expended spell slots after taking a short rest. This means that sorcerers can potentially cast many more spells than wizards can in a given day, but it also requires them to take more breaks during long adventuring days.


So, which class is suitable for you? Wizard may be the better choice if you want more control over your magic and don’t mind spending time preparing your spellbook each day. On the other hand, if you want to be able to cast powerful spells without preparation spontaneously, then a sorcerer may be the better choice for you. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your playstyle and preferences.